Earn money by making youtube short videos from smartphone

earn money by making youtube short videos from smartphone

Desk. Today's youth are earning money through smartphones. For the past few days, the coverage of shorts videos is increasing. Which is becoming a means of entertainment for the people as well as a means of earning. In this story we will tell you how to earn money by making shorts videos through your smartphone.
Recently YouTube is giving content creators a chance to earn more money. For this, YouTube has announced a 100 million fund for the year 2021-22.
It is being told that this fund is for YouTube shorts, in which money will be given to the content creators. If you are also fond of making videos and you think that people are going to like your videos, then you too can earn good money through this YouTube shorts. In such a situation, we know what shorts video is and how it is made and how to earn from it.

What is short video?

Short video means short videos i.e. videos of less than 1 minute duration. Earlier there was Tiktok in India for short videos, but after it was banned, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts took its place. It can upload videos of up to 60 seconds. This video must be in the format of 9/16. These are like Insta reels, in which people create different types of videos and people watch them.


How can I make this video?
To create such videos, you have to click on the plus button (create button) shown below in the YouTube application. After this you can also upload videos in it and also create directly. After clicking on the plus here, you get many options, in which you can edit the video according to you by adding music etc. or adding any effect. After the video is made, OK will have to be done, information like title etc. will have to be given in it. After this your video will be made, which you can upload.

How is earning?

To earn money through YouTube shorts, you have to meet the monetization criteria, which depends on your likes and reach. After this, based on the performance of your video from YouTube, money will be given by YouTube.

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